Color: Black

Material: Plastic and Metal 

Lens: 3.6mm   Sensor: CMOS

Angle of View: 100 degrees

Pixel: 1200 Mega CMOS   Resolution: 4 K

Video Format: AVI  FPS: 25

Motion Detection Camera Shooting: Straight line 5-10 m

No built-in battery

Compressed Format: H.264

Memory Card Support: Yes(Max 128GB, not included)

Software Support: VLCPlayer / SMPlayer

Compatible with: Windows / MacOS

This item is equipped with a standard USB connector for easily getting power supply.

Motion Sensor: It can recognize whether the object is moving or not and make corresponding reaction- whether to record a video or not- within its detection range.

Supports 128GB memory card. It does not have a storage memory itself but it can work with 1G to 128G memory card to get the job done.

Loop recording: When the memory card is full, the newest video recording will overwrite the earliest.